April 18, 2016

Like coffee for your eyes, this eye cream awakens eyes in seconds. 
And like coffee, it's essential.

Let's face it - busy life, sleep deprivation, stress and everything that comes once you grow into adulthood is not so generous on the eyes. Puffy eyes and dark circles make their statement on your - hashtag I Woke Up Like This - face and most likely answer the question of "How was your day?" without you even having to speak. Resorting to covering up the signs of busy life under layers of orange colour correctors, concealers and make up is the short-term solution. Finding the right eye-cream is what you should invest in for the long-run.

This tube of magic by Clinique called pep-start is the ultimate eye fix that hydrates and brightens up your eyes, leaving you looking like you've had a good night sleep - tried and tested. 


Pep-start is an instant brightening and hydrating cream that features a blend of peptides (7 to be precise)  that help combat the visible effects of busy life. These peptides help in maintaining your natural collagen reserves which are put to the test and are threatened by stress, fatigue and lack of sleep. 


It's lightweight and refreshing and you can feel it working within seconds. The applicator allows you to easily apply the pep-start eye cream in circular motions, massaging the under-eye area and the upper eye lid, while it preps the area for makeup.

Have you tried pep-start? Do you have an eye cream you swear by? Do tell!


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