November 08, 2015

Stan. Still running strong.

Not many things last more than a season or two in fashion. That's what probably makes it fascinating but also keeps the industry moving. There are however some items that have made it - that have survived the fashion fad test and climbed to the status iconic pieces.
Among the camel coat, the Chanel 2.55 and the Kelly there's also humble Stan. Not many sneakers make it to those heights, but something about Adidas Original's Stan Smith, first issued in 1971 and reissued in 2014, made it  possible. Maybe it was Phoebe Philo who wore them on the runway in 2011 or Vogue Paris infamous editorial photo of Giselle wearing nothing but soccer socks and Stans in 2013, followed by fashion influencers trotting around and snapping their Stan's in instagram squares during fashion weeks. Many people gave this now more iconic than ever sneaker the push, but the shoe itself offered something highly desirable that possibly made it a success to the mass market; it combined comfort with the seal of approval by influencers. There was a pair of sneakers that was OK to wear with dresses instead of annoyingly painful stiletto pumps. Now, more than a year after the first wave of craze around the white sneakers that was shortly followed by another wave of craze for Adidas Originals Superstar (find them here) , both are still running strong and have established themselves as style essentials. 

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