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 Talking clothes and versatility.

Today we’re talking versatile pieces;  but behold from thoughts of wardrobe basics (otherwise known as plain white tees, black jeans, tailored jackets and the like). Although I’m not defying their importance in a wardrobe and if this was another post I would go as far as proclaiming them the power pieces of any wardrobe – this is a post on discovering versatility elsewhere.  Today's topic du jour is all about those pieces other than the basics that can add edge to your look but are versatile nonetheless, with versatility being (as I like to refer to it) “wears per piece”.

Given that fashion changes as fast as you can say Vogue and given that we seek for pieces that will last for more than one outfit, it’s often been the case that we end up with wardrobe full of basics (don’t ask how many white tees I have because a) It might be frightening to know b) I might not even know the answer). So the challenge becomes building a versatile wardrobe that is well rounded – defined as: not a temple of white tees and black jeans or a dump site for fast fashion.  So here are 4 a.k.a. chameleon pieces -pieces that are basic but not so basic so as to be verging on the classification of plain, and pieces that will instantly update your wardrobe while delivering a high ratio “wears per piece”.  


Structurally, rompers make for one of the most versatile pieces that you can buy. They are easy to dress up or down, making the transition from daytime to nighttime a cinch. They are comfortable and easy to just throw on when you aren’t in the mood to be experimental (or you’ve simply not had enough coffee) and you just want to put something together quickly and head out the door.  
Apart from the ease of wear, the reason they have hit this list is due to their versatility property. You can wear rompers over and over again and again if you use them as a canvas.  “Wears per piece” is the key. Remember?
For maximum versatility or wears per piece opt for a solid colour like the Finders Keepers Playsuit Petrol. Still not sure how to make it work?  
HTW (otherwise known as how to wear):
1. Style it with a la Balenciaga biker boots or pair espadrilles, throw on a leather jacket, pile on the arm party and you are ready to roll.
2. Dress it up with pointy heels, a long-line tailored blazer, put on some lipstick, grap a clutch and go. Armparties, ear-parties or neckline adornments welcomed.


Perhaps among my favourite wardrobe pieces, competing successfully for wardrobe space against my white tees – Blazers.  As we’re entering into what my friend likes to call Blazer Weather be sure to have this piece handy. While blazers come in a variety of forms and shapes, let’s deviate from the typical black and think more on the lines of light tweed and soft colours, which nonetheless classify as wardrobe staples. Need options? This Line and Dot Tweed Blazer ticks all the right the boxes

1. Style it with a white tee and denim shorts, and accessorize as per usual. Add chunky shoes for contrast.
2. Use it to dress up a tshirt dress and accessorize as your heart desires.

Printed Shorts  

If I haven’t convinced you yet that versatile pieces need not to be basic, I might make my case now. Think printed shorts. The key to make them versatile is juxtaposing.  Mix prints or match prints, add or subtract tailored blazers and the world is yours. Show Me Your MuMu Froggy Fringe Knickers Wild Bloom or in Pretty Birdie create endless possibilities.
1. Style with a roundneck white tee, add necklaces to the equation and grab an oversised clutch.
2. Pair your MuMu Fring Knicker shorts with a cropped knit top and add a blazer. Dinky jewelry welcomed.



If you buy one item and one item only for the your spring/summer wardrobe, buy a kimono. Why? 2 reasons a) Versatility b) Instant outfit boost, minimal effort required. Just slip both arms through the sleeves, one at a time and that’s about it.  A kimono can take you from a running errands to dancing to beaching. It’s a one piece for all occasions that adds a dose of drama. Good drama. Think white, think fringe, think  Love and Lemons Chi Chi Kimono. 

1. Put on your favourite high waist denim shorts, pair them with a semi cropped top and put on your Love and Lemons Chi Chi White Kimono. Style it with strappy heeled sandals or espradilles, depending on the occasion.
2. White on white!! Magic combination. Nothing more to add.

Are you ready to burgeon in wardrobe versatility?

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Southern Hippie


  1. love this post
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  2. Kimonos are like the best thing in World! Great post specially HTW !!

  3. Great review!
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  4. Black rompers and kimonos! <3<3 Indeed, I posted some pictures some days ago in which I was wearing a kimono I made by myself. I like them so much. As much as I bought a pice of fabric to make anther one.


  5. PS: I love "for love and lemons", too. Such a desirable mix of clothing!