April 24, 2014

Talking Cropped tops and perseverance.

The midriff has undeniably been catching attention. Peplums and bearing it all out pieces have made the midriff perhaps more important that trending hemlines have ever been. But today we are dropping the whole consortium of midriff stories - because we have already been there and done that (here) and instead focusing on the baring it bear midriff - cropped tops.  If there is one attribute cropped tops have demonstrated is perseverance. Having made their a strong appearance on catwalks for Spring/Summer 2013, they have since lasted through a fall/winter season and are still running strong for this Spring.
Perseverance. That's leadership material. 

Given the pace at which things on the runway change from seasons to seasons, and how equally fast the etiquette on pieces changes from "in" to "out", the tenacity and staying power of the cropped top deserves some attention.

While its roots pertain to a recently over talked about era of the 90s, the cropped top, albeit the varieties in form and shape, has been given a modern take with its latest incarnation demonstrating versatility and adaptability. Whether your style is boho, a bit rock, prepped up or somewhere in between, there's a cropped top out there for you and there's a way for you to wear it your way. Versatility. Adaptability. Period.
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Going back two paragraphs and returning to the point of perseverance, the versatility and adaptability of the cropped top is perhaps what explains it perseverance.
While it may not be the next LBD it's still here to serve as another useful ingredient in your style recipe for another season. 

Feel free to tune the level of bareness from universally flattering, barely bare midriff to full exposure, according to your preferences. 

The HTW 
(otherwise known as how to wear)

HTW 1: Volumized top Juxtaposed

Opt for a non-body con crop top. Keep things flowing with a loose crop option or even better, with voluminous ruffles as Leandra Medine of Man Repeller demonstrates. Juxtapose any girly connotations with baggy jeans or ripped denim of any kind.
Keep things classy with pointed pumps.

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HTW 2:Bare midriff meets Midi skirt

Drop the dress and work with separates, matching or clashing.
Opt for a barely bear midriff option pairing a crop top with a high waist midi skirt.

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  1. ive always loved the crop top trend but i never got to try it cos im a bit flabby in the mid section but i love the last photo with the high waisted lace skirt and crop top, i should try that.
    thanks for the enlightening post.

  2. loving this crop top trend. thks for this great post

  3. I love crop tops!


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