March 27, 2014

I guess it's florals. For Spring.

If the line "Florals?For Spring? Groundbreaking" by the infamous, fictitious character of Miranda Priestly, in the devil wears Prada, rings a bell, then you know what I'm blabbing  about.
While movie references are not my thing, this quote has been stuck in my head as it accurately epitomises my up-to-recently belief on florals i.e. If flowers are to be anywhere in spring, that anywhere  should ultimately be in a pot or a vase, period. Exclamation point! But that was then and this is now. Sometimes it only takes a single piece of clothing and a flash of mental-outfit-creation to take you from hate to love. 

So when this single piece of clothing; which took the form of scuba floral-printed trousers, stared back at me from my computer screen and within seconds my brain had already constructed 3 mental outfits - that was the moment that I was converted into a fan of florals. While I'm not yet at the stage to fill up my almost entirely black wardrobe with flower-power pieces, I'm making progress. 

The tricky thing for me and florals, and in fact any heavily printed piece of garment is the challenge of wearability. My previous attempts of buying into prints typically ended in two ways,
a) I got dressed, one foot out the door, took one step back and suddenly I was staring into my wardrobe searching for an outfit change or 
b) The printed garment remained in the wardrobe, tags on, never worn.

Being one of those people who dress head to toe in black 350 days out of 365 days in black (the geek inside me says this is approximately 96%. The remaining 4% I look as if I just put on random pieces of clothing), I know that florals can be annoying to wear unless you can integrate them into your style. While this "integration" for me usually manifests into me looking as if I randomly assembled an outfit, the lesson here is to do your thing. My thing apparently is gingham with florals; adhering as per usual to the "principles" of juxtaposition (aka strategically wearing clashing  pieces together). I'm not being serious here with principles. I'm still sane. 

Regardless, Viva la Spring.

I'm wearing Zara floral trousers (similar here) , Strativarious gingham shirt (similar here), Zara chocker (similar here) and Rayban Clubmaster sunglasses (get them here) .


  1. Bra-vo amazing outfit!

  2. Great outfit! I love the floral pants!



  3. Perfect pants and necklace!


  4. I really love this outfit, looking perfect!


  5. Love those pants, they look great with your blue shirt!
    Nicely done.

  6. I'm in love with the mix of prints you've made.!!
    kisses dear

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  8. LOVE the outfit

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  9. Nice babe! Love your pants


  10. nice one ;). do you wear clubmaster 49 or size 51?