January 16, 2014

Today, on things that have passed the fashion fad test. 
Camel Coats. 

What was labelled THE trend around circa 2010, and filled the pages of every magazine, became a viral garment across blogs and graced the shoulders of fashion editors and the rest of the fashion flock posing for Tommy Ton, Scott Schuman and the likes, at fashion's biggest party aka fashion week, has not yet lost its appeal. Sure, unlike other trends, the camel coat has a classic feel about it that is timeless. And my experience tell me they have been around before. Case in point is a camel ponyskin-like MaxMara coat (which Google tells me it's most probably camelhair), found in a vintage shop (so here you go, camel coats have been around for awhile) in 2010, that was too big and too long for my gloriously short and petite1.63 frame. So I bought it for my mother so that we could both; me and the coat, belong in the same family and share the same house. Poetic. Maybe not.
But lest we distract from the topic du jour - lets get back to the trend that became a classic.

Vogue, in its autumn/winter 2010 trend report, as per its conventional practice, proclaimed, and I quote "If you buy only one coat this season make it camel". Vogue, in the same article also stated, while taking its stand on camel coats, "Invest now, you'll wear it forever." Does Vogue's Sarah Harris have a magic ball? I don't know. But she did kind of capture the essence and purpose of the camel coat in our lives and in the lives of the fashion flock 3 years back when the coat in question was the new kid on the fashion block.

While the camel coat did have back then a success in capturing minds and hearts, what is significant and proufound is how a trend passed the fashion fad test. Sure, many trends capture mind and hearts. Camo trend anyone? But most trends later became categorized as fads. And through the current point of view, they look old and dated. Ew. But not camel. It came back season after season on catwalks, sidewalks and shops.

In an attempt to ellicit this conjuration associated with the camel coat the answer is simple. It was a classic in the first place; no brainer. It just kept becoming better and more appealing as it took bigger forms, draping shoulder lines and came to look ultimately as a robe in which you want to wrap in and never wrap out. Enchanting.

 So we have a coat that is timeless and yet on trend since 2010, declared by Vogue as an investment and embraced by the iconic Carine Roitfield in a Max Mara vesion (also worn by Kim Kardashian if this is of any value of to you) and Natasha Goldenberg among many others.

And if you're looking for functionality, the camel coat has a tick next to the functionality box as well. It goes with everything - from leather to colour block stripes (as per Natasha Goldenberg) to tuxedos, to jeans to frilly dresses and funny shoes if you're into juxtaposition.
Whatever your current style is; minimalism, maximalism, rebel without a cause - you'll find a way to wear the camel coat and also save it for later.
The kind of garment genius I like.

What's your take on the Camel Coat?


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  9. quiero un abrigo camel ya!
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