Tuesday, October 29, 2013


According to my calendar it is. 
So here's to fall. 

Blame the slight delay on delivering this fall's trending trends on my unwillingness to adapt to the conventional calendar that calls for the arrival of fall on September 1st and in turn blame the unwillingness on the climate I am living in, in conjunction with a heavy work load,
But as we're not here to discuss my thinking process nor the climate, nor the workload that comes with a master's degree, I'm cutting the chase and getting to the point of the topic du jour - fall trends. 

With its origins in Seattle in the mid 80s, grunge became a thing in the 1990s, thanks to Nirvana's frontman - Curt Cobain and as Vogue took grunge to its pages in 1992. Marc Jacobs , then a creative director for Perry Ellis, took grunge to the catwalk for 'Perry Ellis 1993 Spring collection' - a move that cost him his position and a show you can now watch on Marc Jacobs website here.
And as fashion tends to repeat itself, grunge is now back thanks to Heidi Slimate and his collection for Saint Laurent. 
Mini tip: The easiest way to work the New Grunge is a plaid shirt. Wear it as it's meant to be worn or wrap it around your waist, with a leather pencil skirt and crop top or wrap it around a slip dress. The key to grunge is doing things your own way rather than wearing plaid, so I'll just shush. 

A fashion favourite; Florals. A print that typically arouses a feminine vibe in the mind of the observant.  . Burnt florals are the thing of now, perfectly executed by Oscar de la Renta (the pictured piece above keeps replaying in my head, paired with the Balenciaga cut out boots) while Givenchy, who took a darker road with a tougher vibe, more punk and grunge than feminine, but the element still being there. Bonus point for the styling. 
Mini tip: The crucial point for adopting florals in making them look like Now. 

Mini tip:  It's all about contrasting silhouettes. Think oversized jacket and skinny jeans. 

Mini tip: Contrast Contrast Contrast! Did I say contrast? Pair with skinny trousers, skater skirts  and jumpers or a feminine dress. 

Mini tip: Stray away from body hugging dresses, skirts and the like when you are adopting the thigh high boot. This boot ouzes a sexiness of its own and needs no complimentarities. Balance the sexiness with oversized sweater-dresses and casual apparel and keep things minimal.


  1. such a great inspiration post! love the nouveau grunge and the oversized coats

  2. love these trends…but grungy is my style otherwise.
    great post!


  3. such an awesome collection of inspiration!

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  4. i really like the 'ugly chic' the shoes look totally cheeky :')

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  6. One of the best things about fall is wearing boots and tight! While I'm not a big fan of grudge chic I do enjoy seeing others rocking it though!

  7. Tartan and oversized coats please!

  8. Everything about this post is PERFECTION! LOVin' the grunge, the plaid, the Chanel! IT's all so sizzling!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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  10. Lovely pics. Loved the footwear you have showcased here. Nice collection !